O level it tools questions -

O level it tools questions

it tools and network basics 50 Questions with Answers 

Hello Students ,if you are searching exam material for o level  it tools and network basics exam that you are on right place, so must read the complete questions with answers also click on the link that i given below at last of Part-2

1. UPI Stands for ___ ?
a. Unified Payment Interface.
b. Union Paid Interface.
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

2.Portrait is used to refer to the page orientation
a. Flip
b. Reverse
c. Horizontal
d. Vertical

3. UPI is a payment service ___ ?
a. Offline
b. Online
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

4.UPI was started by
a. Urjit patel
b. R – Gandhi
c. Raghuram rajan
d. Narendra modi

5. UMANG is integrated with ___ ?
a. DigiLocker only
b. Aadhaar only
c. Aadhaar and DigiLocker
d. None of these.

6. Which of the following statement is correct about National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) System
a. There is no limit on transaction through NEFT
b. NEFT operate on the base of per hour 
c. NEFT is a payment system that provide any type of  fund transfer 
d. All of the above.

7. Which box usually overflows with email
a. Message box
b. Address box
c. Outbox
d. Inbox

8. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) Banking give permission to-
a. Balance inquiry
b. Cash withdrawal
c. Cash deposit
d. All of the above.

9. G-mail ,is a  software which is used to
a. Search files
b. Check e-mails
c. Search web pages
d. None of these.

10. who created bitcoin ?
a. Satoshi Nakamoto
b. Samsung
c. Jon maikafi
d. None of these.

11. What is the example of  E-mail utility –
a. Excel
b. Photoshop
c. Outlook
d. MS-word

12. Which one is not a IOT element
a. Security
b. Process
c. People
d. Things

13. A group of bits in memory that is used to represent information or data

c. Memory
d. Byte

14.The device connected to the IoT has to be automated and not called by the human.
a. Business-to-business (B2B)
b. Machine-to-machine (M2M)
c. Intercloud
d. Skynet

15. Which one is a application who give permission to users to create and edit a document
a. Browser
b. E-mail utility
c. Spreadsheet
d. Word processor

16. What is blockchain technology
a.  On peer-to-peer network  distributed ledger
b. One type of cryptocurrency.
c. To Exchange
d. A centralized ledger.

17. To read only information in Computer who is stored by
a. Engineer
b. Manufacturer
c. Programmer
d. User

18. Which command is used to count total lines,word,and characters in any file
a. countw
b. wcount
c. word count
d. None of these.

19. To enter data in computer through mouse is the  example of
a. Direct input
b. Indirect input
c. Command
d. Instruction

20. Usally  Mobile application part (MAP)  protocol runs on
a. Hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP)
b. Signaling system 7 (SS7)
c. Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)
d. Simple network management protocol (SNMP)

21. Which command is used to delete file in Linux
a. dm
b. rm
c. delete
d. erase

22. The full form of OSI is ?
a. Open system interconnection
b. Operating system internet
c. Optical system interconnection
d. Operating system interface

23 Which one is not valid transmission in transmission directions
a. Double duplex
b. Full duplex
c. Half duplex
d. Simplex

24. In Spreadsheet,letter is used to represent it
a. Blocks
b. Columns
c. Rows
d. Cells

25.  How many layers present in OSI model
a. 6 layers
b. 5 layers
c. 7 layers
d. 9 layers

26. The full form of POP is ___ ?
a. Post of protocol
b. Post office protocol
c. Pre office protocol
d. None of these.

27. Which one is standard interface for  serial data transmission-
a. Centronics
b. 2
c. RS232C

28. What is the PORT number of POP ?
a. 43
b. 25
c. 35
d. 110

29. Which command is used to remove Directory ?
a. rdir
b. remove
c. rd
d. rmdir

30. Which type of transmission medium is most suitable for carrying data in a computer network exposed to an electrical interface?
a. Coaxial cable
b. Microwave
c. Unshielded twisted pair
d. Optical fiber

31. Whihc one is bit-oriented protocol ?
a. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
b. High-level Data Link Control (HDLC)
c. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
d. None of these

32.Which one is not  network topology ?
a. Peer to peer
b. Bus
c. Ring
d. Mesh

33. Which command is used to display Currently running processes ?
a. du
b. pip
c. ps
d. au

34. Recogonize that device who linked two homogeneous) packet broadcast local network ?
a. Gateway
b. Bridge
c. Router
d. Hub

35. In which  communication method we can transmit data in one direction only-
a. Half duplex
b. Full duplex
c. Simplex
d. None of these.

36. Which number system is used to calculate  and store computer data ?
a. Binary
b. Octal
c. Decimal
d. Hexadecimal

37. The binary system uses power of ___ ?
a. 16
b. 8
c. 10
d. 2

38. Which one is used to allocate and manage resources for a network?
a. Node
b. Server
c. Bluetooth
d. None of these.

39. How many version available of   IP Address?
a. 4 version
b. 1 version
c. 6 version
d. 2 version

40. Which software is mainly used to help the user to detect and avoid viruses?
a. Malware
b. Antivirus
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

41. Which layer is not present in TCP/IP model but included in OSI model?
a. Transport layer
b. Application layer
c. Session layer
d. Network layer

42. Collection of  hyperlinked  documents  on Internet is called
a. Mailing list
b. E-mail system
c. World Wide Web (WWW)
d. None of these.

43. Which one incorrect example of Domain 
a. careersknowledge::com
b. careersknowledge.in
c. careersknowledge.co.in
d. None of these

44. DNs translate a domain to  _____________
a. URL
b. Binary
c. IP
d. Hexa

45. The location of a resource on the Internet is given by
a. URL
b. Protocol
c. IP
d. E-mail

46. The full form of HTTP is ___ ?
a. Hyper text transfer program
b. Hyper text transfer protocol
c. Hyper text terminal protocol
d. None of these.

47. Identify the class of computer threats.
a. Soliciting
b. DOS attack
c. Phishing
d. None of these.

48.Which one is non-volatile memory 
a. ROM
d. All of the above.

49. A server is used as a proxy computer
a. Accessing user permission
b. Performing file handling
c. Acting as a backup
d. With external access

50.  ______LAN users give permission  computer program and  data share 
a. File server
b. Data server
c. Communication server
d. None of these.

I hope you will get mostly ans of the topic it tools and network basics exams.

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