O Level Practical paper 2024

O Level Practical paper 2024

Hello students, welcome to our new blog regarding practical exams 2024 . In this blog you will see O Level Practical paper 2024 . In this blog we will solve your questions as given below
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o level m1 r5 practical questions

Question 1- Create Business Cards using shapes, text, and colours in LibreOffice writer. लिने ऑफिस राइटर में टेक्स्ट और रंगों का उपयोग करके बिजनेस कार्ड बनाएं।

Answer 1:

Firstly open LibreOffice writer.

सबसे पहले लिब्रे ऑफिस राइटर को ओपन करें।

Go to Insert->Shape>Select Basic Shapes-> Rectangle. And draw the Rectangle. Insert-> Shape समूल आकार चुनें -झ आयत पर जाएं। और आयत खीचें।

इन्सर्ट मेन्यू पर जाए Shape > Basic Shapes-> Rectangle को सेलेक्ट करके एक रेक्टेन्गिल बनाए।

In this Rectangle shape, To Draw star shape

इस रेक्टेन्गिल शेप में, स्टॉर का शेप बनाने के लिए

Go to Insert->Shape>Select Stars & Banners->6-Point star And draw the star. Then Type text(Olevel GuruJi Classes

etc) as shown in the below figure.

Shape->Stars & Banners->6-Point star cease

O Level Practical paper 2024

O level practical paper with answer

O level m2r5 practical questions with answers

Question- Define a function max that takes two arguments and return the largest of them. Use if- then else construct available in javascript.

function max(a,b)
document.write(a+” is greater than”+b);
document.write(b+ “is greater than”+a);

O level m3r5 practical questions with answers

Question-1 Write a Python program to get the smallest number from a list.

def smallest_num_in_list( list ):


for a in list:

     if a < min: 

            min = a

    return min


Question-2 Write a Python program to count the number of strings from a given list of strings. The string length is 2 or more and the first and last characters are the same.
Sample List : [‘abc’, ‘xyz’, ‘aba’, ‘1221’]
Expected Result : 2

def match_words(words):

ctr = 0

for word in words:

        if len(word) > 1 and word[0] == word[-1]:


         return ctr


print(match_words([‘abcd’, ‘xyz’, ‘aba’, ‘1221’]))

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O level m4r5 practical questions with answers

1) Write a program to interface Button and LED, so that LED blinks/glow when button is pressed.


/*sketch 1

turn on a LED when the button is pressed

turn it off when the button is not pressed (or released)


int pinButton = 4; //the pin where we connect the button

int LED= 13; //the pin we connect the LED

void setup()


pinMode (pinButton, INPUT); //set the button pin as INPUT

pinMode (LED, OUTPUT); //set the LED pin as OUTPUT


void loop() {

int stateButton = digitalRead(pinButton); //read the state of the button

if (stateButton == 1) { //if is pressed

digitalWrite (LED, HIGH); //write 1 or HIGH to led pin

} else { //if not pressed

digitalWrite (LED, LOW); //write 0 or low to led pin



Declare the variables: led, Pin Buttons and assign the value to that and in the setup() function set the button as the INPUT and led as the OUTPUT and in the loop function stateButton-digitalRead(PinButton). It reads the state of the push button value and if (stateButton==1) it means to check if the push button is pressed and if the button state will be HIGH, then the led will glow and if it is not that means led will not glow.

Question 2: Write a program to Blink default Light Emitting Diode (LED) on Arduino board with the delay of 2 sec


//Program for default LED blinking with delay of 2 sec.

int led=13;

//the setup routine runs once when you press reset:

void setup(){

//initialize the digital pin as an output.

}pin Mode (led, OUTPUT);

// the loop routine runs over and over again forever:

void loop(){

digitalWrite(led,HIGH): // turn the LED on (HIGH) delay(2000); //wait for 2 second

digitalWrite(led, LOW); // turn the LED off (LOW) delay(2000);

}// wait for 2 second


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