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it tools and network basics 50 Questions with Answers 

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1. Which transmission technology guarantees that the data packets will be received by the receiver in the same order in which they are being sent by the sender?
a. Circuit switching
b. Packet switching
c. Unicasting
d. Broadcasting

2. Which of the following  is considered a element of cyber security
a. Application security
b. Operational security
c. Network security
d. All of the above.

3.Which one is non volatile and it can only be written once
d. RAM

4. When mail  server sents mail to  other mail servers so it becomes
a. SMTP Server
b. SMTP Client
c. Peer to peer
d. None of these.

5. Proxy server is also known as _____
a. Application proxy
b. Proxy tools
c. Application-level gateway
d. None of these

6.what are the two modes IP security
a. Preshared and transport
b. Certificate and tunnel
c. Transport and tunnel
d. Transport and certificate

7. Recogonize that  malware who  does not replicate or clone by infection
a. Virus
b. Worms
c. Trojans
d. None of these.

8. In Binary numbering system  0 and 1 is called as
a. Bits
b. Decimal bytes
c. Kilobytes
d. Bytes

9. Which of the following is not used as a medium of 802.3 Ethernet
a. A fiber optical cable
b. A microwave link
c. A twisted pair cable
d. A thin coaxial cable

10. Reconize that network that extends a private network over a private network
a. Local Area Network
b. Enterprise Private Network
c. Virtual Private Network
d. Storage Area Network

11.Which layer is responsible for encryptions and decryptions?
a. Datalink
b. Application
c. Network
d. None of these.

12.Which layer of TCP/IP stack matches with OSI model transport layer
a. Network access
b. Internet
c. Application
d. Host to host

13. What is a HUB ?
a. Calculating device
b. Network device
c. Computing device
d. Software

14. Which of the following  hardware component is very important for Database management system operation
a. Plotter
b. High speed, large-capacity disk
c. Printer
d. High-resolution video display

15. Which of the following network usedc dynamic and  adaptive routing
a. System Network Architecture (SNA)
d. None of these.

16. Recogize very old phone hacking technique that are used by Hackers for Free calls.
a. Phishing
b. Cracking
c. Phreaking
d. Spamming

17. The term IPv4 stands for ___ ?
a. International Programming Version 4
b. Internet Programming Version 4
c. Internet Protocol Version 4
d. None of these.

18. What does a set of rules define?
a. Protocol
c. FTP

19. In any file time-to-time records checks, change and  delete is called as____
a. Renewing
b. Restructuring
c. Upgrading
d. Updating

20. The basic architecture of Computer is developed by
a. Garden Moore
b. Blaise Pascal
c. Charles Babbage
d. John Von Neumann

21.Which of the following platforms is used for security and protection of information in the cloud?
a. One drive
b. Cloud security protocols
c. Cloud workload protection platforms
d. None of these.

22. Which of the following shares data between two computers?
a. Integrated system
b. Grouping
c. Network
d. Library

23. Which is primarly used to Host a website website
a. Database Server
b. Web Server
c. Mail Server
d. None of these.

24. What is the name biven by Database management system who is able to handle  full text data, image data, audio  and video data
a. Hypertext
b. Multimedia
c. Graphics media
d. Full media

25. The time during which a task is processed by the computer
a.waiting time
b. Real Time
c. Delay Time
d. Execution Time

26. Which Protocol is very used Wi-fi security
a. WPA2
b. WPA
c. WPS
d. None of these.

27. What is the Default line spacing of LibreOffice writer
a. 1.5
b. Double
c. Single
d. None of these.

28. Which of the following is required for a customer to use Internet banking
a. Customer ID and password
b. Customer name and password
c. Customer ID and date of birth
d. Customer ID and phone number

29. Which option is used to configure  scope of Cookie visibility?
a. Path
b. Domain
c. Server
d. Both (a) and (b)

30. Which of the following topology arrangements is a  point-to-point configuration ?
a. Star topology
b. Mesh topology
c. Ring topology
d. All of the above.

31. Which one is a valid e-mail address ?
b. shubh@gmail
d. None of these.

32. Which one is a database administrator function 
a. Performance Monitoring
b. Backup the Database
c. Database Design
d. All of the above.

33. Which of the following is not speciality of  computer 
a. Automation
b. Versatility
c. Speed
d. Intelligence

34. The full form of DBMS is ___ ?
a. Database Management Software
b. Domain based Management Software
c. Database Management System
d. Digital Bar Management System

35. Which of the following is sequential access memory
a. Optical Disk
b. Magnetic Disk
c. Magnetic Tape
d. None of these.

36. BIOS is a type of ___ 
a. Operating System
b. Hardware
c. Software
d. None of these.

37. What is Worm Booting 
a. Starting the Computer normally
b. Restart Computer
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

38. The process of removing unwanted part of an image is called
a. Cropping
b. Merging
c. Cutting
d. Hidin

39. Which command is given to print first 5 pages of any document?
a. Print all
b. From__ To__
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these

40. What is the output of =concatenate(“ram”,”sita”)?
a. ramsita
b. RamSita
d. ram sita

41. Which animation is used to rotate a shape or a picture 
a. Flyer over
b. Zoom
c. Color plus
d. Spin

42. First graphical browser was____
a. Opera
b. Chrome
c. Edge
d. Mosaic

43. Which protocol is used by remote login 
b. Telnet
c. FTP

44. Which of the following is a valid domain
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

45. ___ SMTP is used to send messages
a. User Mailbox
b. User Terminal
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

46.How many maximum members we can add in telegram group 
a. 150000
b. 500000
c. 200000
d. 50000

47. Which of the following is a method to funds transfer through  Internet
a. Core Banking

48. How much money we can sent through BHIM UPI ?
a. 1 lakh
b. 5 lakhs
c. 20 lakhs
d. 50 thousand

49. Which is benefit of cloud computing?
a. More secure
b. Fast speed
c. Low cost
d. All of the above.

50. Which of the following is a cryptocurrency ?
a. Bitcoin
b. Voice coin
c. Sia coin
d. All of the above.

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