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it tools and network basics

it tools and network basics 50 Questions with Answers 

Hello Students ,if you are searching exam material for o level  it tools and network basics exam that you are on right place, so must read the complete questions with answers also click on the link that i given below at last of Part-1

1. Which one is not valid date type in excel ?
a. Number
b. Character
c. Date and time
d. None of these.

2. Which one is correct to relace Cell reference B2:B9 to absolute row and column
a. B2:B9
b. $B$2:$B$9
c. B$2:B$9
d. None of these.

3. On daily basis to track share market progress which type of chart you want to use 
a. Pie chart
b. Line chart
c. Column chart
d. None of these.

4. Which one is not financial function-
a. IPMT()
b. SUM()
c. NPV()
d. PMT()

5. When you can use Drag and Drop options
a. To copy Cell content 
b. To move Cell content 
c. Add Cell content
d. Both (a) and (b)

6. The tab that appears at the bottom of each workbook is called
a. Location tab
b. Sheet tab
c. References tab
d. None of these.

7. When a format number is not fit under the cell then what appear in cell
a. #####
b. #DIV@
c. #DIV/0
d. None of these.

8 . Which syntax is correct related to Excel SUM() function 
a. =SUM(A1,B1)
b. =SUM(A1:B9)
c. =SUM(A1:A9,B1:B9)
d. All of the above.

9. To select multiple cells in a worksheet, you click on the cells while holding
a. Alt key
b. Ctrl+Shift key
c. Shift key
d. Ctrl key

10. What is the shortcut key to insert new slide 
a. Ctrl+M
b. Ctrl+N
c. Ctrl+O
d. None of these

11. Default extension of  power point document
a. .EXT
b. .COM
c. .ppt
d. None of these.

12. Footer area display in . Handout master 
a. Top of page
b. Bottom of page
c. Center of page
d. None of these.

13. By using what you can display shortcut menu during slide show
a. Click on Ribbon  shortcut button
b. right-click on Present slide
c. click on Present slide icon 
d. Both (a) and (b)

14. Which of the following allows you to select more than one slide in a presentation?
a. Click on each slide with Alt key 
b. Drag each slide with shift key 
c. Click on each slide with shift
d. click on each slide

15.To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use
a. Header / Footer
b. Page number
c. Comments
d. None of these.

16. What is NIC ?
a. Network interface card
b. Network information card
c. Network interface computer
d. Network information computer

17. What is the use of Internet ?
a. Communication
b. Information retrieval
c. Presentation of information
d. All of the above.

18.Which of the following is not an internet browser
a. Netscape navigator
b. Edge
c. Drupal
d. Opera

19. What is IMEI ?
a. Mobile equipment international identity
b. International mobile equipment identity
c. International law instrument identity
d. None of these.

20. To use the cable for browsing the web you will need
a. A cable modem

b. Network interface card
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

21. What is the minimum bandwidth requirement for Broadband connection 
a. 128 kbps
b. 256 kbps
c. 512 kbps
d. None of thse.

22. The webpage is known to be specific
a. IP Address
b. Domain
c. URL
d. Name of file

23.Which type of network used in a building
a. WAN
b. MAN
c. LAN
d. All of the above

24. Recognizes Internet Protocol
a. IP Address
b. Home Address
c. Doc Address
d. None of these.

25. Which symbol is divided a  e-mail address in two part
a. #
b. &
c. @
d. None of these.

26. What you have to do to delete message from your inbox
a. Delete the message
b. Select the message
c. Deselect the Message
d. None of these.

27. Mail access starts from  ____________the client when the user needs to download an email
a. Mail box
b. Doc server
c. Mail host
d. Internet

28. Online registration system developed under the initiative of Digital India
a. National information center
b. Nationalism information center
c. National Informatics Centre
d. None of these.

29. Which of the following is not social networking site
a. Facebook
b. LinkedIn
c. Twitter
d. Epic

30. What are services available on Umang App
a. Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)
b. Pension Portal
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

31. Twitter is a example of ___ ?
a. Web URL
b. Social networking
c. E-mail system
d. System application

32. When  text box object deleted from slide then 
a. The object is deleted but a text box on the slide and the text is not deleted
b. Text box  and text both deleted 
c.The object is deleted but a text paste on slide
d. None

33. Size of IPV4 is ___ ?
a. 62
b. 48
c. 128
d. 32

34. What is the name of main page or first page of  Website ?
a. Bookmark
b. Index page
c. Home page
d. Main page

35. Which file extensions indicate the paint file-
a. .ppt
b. .xlsx
c. .doc
d. .bmp

36. Which is not a search engine 
a. Windows
b. Google
c. Bing
d. Yahoo

37. OTP Stands for ___ ?
a. On time password
b. One time password
c. Other time password
d. None of these.

38.Which of the following has no minimum limit for money transfer digitally?
b. Cheque

39. CC in E-mail stands for ___ ?
a. Carbon coupon
b. Consider copy
c. Carbon copy
d. Carbon catch

40.  Which option is help to sent a letter with different peoples_
a. Templet
b. Multiple letter
c. Macros
d. Mail merge

41.Which shortcut key would you use to get help when using Office?
a. F4 key
b. F1 key
c. F3 key
d. F2 key

42. Which symbol is used to make Cell address to absolute 
a. !
b. #
c. $
d. @

43. Size of IPV6 is ___ ?
a. 128
b. 62
c. 48
d. 32

44. Computer, storage, exchange of messages through telecommunication
a. E-web
b. E-mail
c. E-net
d. E-chart

45. USSD stands for ___ ?
a. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
b. Untransmitted Supply Service Data
c. Untransmitted Supplemental Service Data
d. None of these.

46. In a presentation, the special effect used to introduce a slide is known as
a. Custom animation
b. Annotations
c. Effects
d. Transitions

47. “Passport Seva” website is ___ ?

48. We can not did using Spreadsheet 
a. Create a charts
b. Create a graphs
c. Calculations
d. Create Graphics

49. You can add words that are not present in the word dictionary.
a. Live dictionary
b. Custom dictionary
c. User dictionary
d. My dictionary

50. 1 kilobyte ___ 
a. 202400 bytes
b. 1043876 bytes
c. 1048 bytes
d. 1024 bytes

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