Hardware and Software of computer -

Hardware and Software of computer

Hardware and Software of computer

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Computer Hardware

  • Hardware means the physical components (outer structure) of a computer. In a computer, system case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, power supply, mother board, hard disk, memory devices are all hardware. There is no existence of your computer without hardware and software will not be able to function efficiently. The hardware of a computer is changing according to needs. Hardware installed in a computer is not made by any one company. They are prepared bydifferent companies then assembled according to the need of user. If you have a goodexperience of hardware then you can buy hardware and assemble computer yourself. The following hardware is required in a normal computer:
  • System case and Motherboard
  • CPU, Hard disk, CD-ROM Drive and Memory
  • Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

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Computer Hardwares

Computer Software

  • A group of one or more than one program or instruction which is used to operate a compute system or to perform a special task is called software. All programs, programming languages language translators and any other application are known as software. Computer is made up o hardware. Software is required to operate these devices. Apart from this software is needed to carry out special task.
  • “A Set of Program that carries more than one task that we cannot touch.”

Types Of Software

Software can be of following type-

  1.  System Software
  2.  Application Software
  3.  Utility Software
  4.  Open Source Software
  5.  Proprietary Software

1) System Software

System software is a program which is used to run and operate a computer system. System software is also known as background software which helps a computer in managing its internal resources. System software is of many types. Like – operating system, utilities, device driver, compiler, assembler etc. System software performs the following tasks:

  • To run and update computer
  • To prepare a platform to run application programs.
  • To use various hardware resources.
  • To establish link among various types of devices.
  • To prepare various types of programs.

2) Application Software

  • Application software is one such program which is used to complete a special task like word processing package, spreadsheet program, payroll system, accounting system etc. Application system is of two types. First, that which is used by all in the same manner. Like MS Office, Photoshop, etc. Second, that which is used for special task. Like Banking Management System, Payroll System, etc. All these applications are called customize application software.

3) Utility Software

  • Utility software is system software designed to help to analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. It is used to support the computer infrastructure. Although a basic set of utility programs is usually distributed with an operating system (OS), and utility software is considered part of the operating system. Anti-virus, Screen savers, Disk defragmenter, Disk compression, Archives, Backup software, Disk cleaners and Cryptographic etc. are the main utility programs

hardware and software of computer

4) Open-source software (OSS)

  • Open-source software (OSS) is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. Open Source Software is a prominent example of open collaboration. Open-source software (OSS) is software that is distributed with source code that may be read or modified by users. The OSS community generally agrees that open source software should meet the following criteria:

hardware and software of computer

5) Proprietary Software Proprietary

  • Proprietary SoftwareProprietary software is primarily commercial software that can be bought, leased or licensed from its vendor/developer. In general, proprietary software doesn’t provide end users or subscribers with access to its source code. It can be purchased or licensed for a fee, but relicensing, distribution or copying is prohibited. Most software is proprietary software and is by an independent software vendor. The restrictions or conditions imposed by the vendor/developer on proprietary software is elaborated within the software’s end-user license agreement (EULA), terms of service agreement (TOS) or other related use agreements. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Tally, Mac OS, Oracle, Java etc. are the main example of Proprietary software.

hardware and software of computer

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