OLevel Practical Question Jan2023

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Question 1: Create Business Cards using shapes, text, and colours in libreoffice writer


Step 1-Firstly open LibreOffice writer.

Step 2- Go to Insert—–>Shape——> Select Basic Shapes-> Rectangle. And draw the Rectangle.

Step 3- In the shape you will writer the text and you can also take logo .Go to insert—->Shape——> Stars—->select 6 point start.

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Questions 2: Open a Spreadsheet and type the following

OLevel Practical Question Jan2023

Step 1- Firstly open LibreOffice calc & Create spreadsheet according to the question.

Step 2- .Sol(1)  Type Formula = B2* C2 in Cell D3 to calculate the total amount of monitors. 

Step 3-  Sol(2) Select cell D3 formula & press Ctrl+C key to copy the formula & press Ctrl+V key to paste formula into the D4,D5,D6 cell.

Step 4- Sol(3) To Find total Amount apply the following formula in D8 Cell.

 =SUM(D3:D6)  (See Image)

OLevel Practical Question Jan2023



Question 3: Create a presentation with 3 slides to give an introduction to yourself. Set the auto timing to show for 1 second, 5 seconds and 3 second for the first,second and third slide respectively.


Step1- Firsly open LibreOffice Impress.

Step 2- Type Introduction to yourself in three slides.

Step3-Select Slide->Go to Slide menu->Select Slide Transition->Then Right side of Librece Impress Slide Transition pane will appear. In this Go to Advance slide->select After-> 

  •  Type 1. sec for first slide,
  • Type 3 seconds for second and
  • Type 1 second for third slide.

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