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Top 50 Computer MCQ Question with Answers

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1. Which one is proprietary software ?
a. Auto CAD
b. Adobe Photoshop
c. Corel DRAW
d. All of the above.

2. In LibreOffice PowerPoint is known as-
a. Impress
b. Draw
c. Calc
d. Writer

3. Which of the following keep RAM, CPU, ROM and  Expansion card ?
a. Hard Disk
b. Floppy Disk
c. Mother Board
d. None of these.

4. Which memory provide  backup for data storage ?
a. Internal processor memory
b. Primary memory
c. Secondary memory
d. None of these.

5. Operating system is what type of software?
a. Active software
b. System software
c. Application software
d. Interactive software

6.CD-ROM ___ ?
a. Temporary memory
b. Permanent memory
c. Magnetic memory
d. None of these.

7. Information retrieval is very fast –
a. Hard Disk
b. CD
c. SSD
d. All of the above.

8. What is the work done on the Internet called
a. Surfing

b. Gambling
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

9. RAM means__________
a. Random access memory
b. Read only memory
c. Read access memory
d. Random also memory

10. What is the example privacy threats and real security____?
a. Virus
b. Hackers
c. Worm
d. Spam

11.Which one is  secondary memory device-
b. RAM
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

12. Passwords are used to improve network connectivity-
a. Reliability
b. Security
c. Performance
d. Longevity

13. The language that a computer understands and executes is called_________

a. Machine language
b. High level language
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

14. Which one is an anti-virus program?
a. K7
b. Quick heal
c. Norton
d. All of the above.

15. Which of the following is not an input device?

a. Microphone
b. Mouse
c. Scanner
d. None of these.

16. Firewall is a type of 
a. Security threat
b. Worm
c. Virus
d. None of these.

17. A E-mail ID contain____
a. Letters, numbers
b. Letter, number, @
c. Username
d. None of these.

18. Secure Electronic Transaction protocol is used to ____
a. Credit card payment
b. Payment of small amounts for internet services
c. Electronic cash payment
d. Cheque payment

19. Crypto currency is a ___ ?
a. Plastic money
b. Digital payment
c. Digital medium of exchange
d. None of these.

20. Which one is not  E-mail medium?
a. Extranet
b. Internet
c. Paper
d. Internet

21. The word Operating system means
a.Group of programs who control computer work
b. convert high level language to machine language
c. Operate Hard Disk
d. All

22. Instagram related to
a. Facebook
b. Microsoft
c. Google
d. YouTube

23. In which purpose IMAP Protocol used through fraud mailers
a. Send spam
b. Send fake mails
c. Hack e-mail
d. All of the above.

24. Computer operating system works between computer  user and software interface 
a. Memory
b. Peripheral
c. Hardware
d. Screen

25. Default  windows 10  battery sever feature which is on itself –
a. 15 %
b. 20 %
c. 5 %
d. 10 %

26. The main area between Screen background and  window where you opened  program  and restricted
a. Windows settings
b. Desktop
c. Application window
d. All application

27. An application can be opened through a shortcut on the desktop
a. by double clicking on its shortcut
b. Select and right click on Open option 
c. Select the icon and press Enter key 
d. All of the above.

28. In which name Power Point called as LibreOffice ?
a. Writer
b. Calc
c. Impress
d. Draw

29. Where we can add new printer under Printer and Scanner option 
a. Control Panel
b. File Manager
c. Dynamic data exchange
d. None of these.

30. GUI is used in the middle of the interface
a. Hardware and Software
b. Human and Machine
c. Software and Users
d. None of these.

31. What you can access by Start menu –
a. Lock your computer
b. Search for Applications, Settings and Files
c. Turn off your computer
d. All of the above.

32.You can navigate using your Files & Folders in File Explorer
a. Address bar
b. Forward and backward button
c. Search function
d. All of the above.

33. What is the mean of ‘Sleep’ in Windows 10
a. Restart Computer in  safe mode
b.Restart Computer in  sleep mode
c.Shutdown computer after ends all running application
d. Shutdown computer without close computer application

34. What is the work of  Operating system 
a. Performs computer processing very efficiently and  restricted) 
b. Protect job Scheduling  for Execution 
c. Manage Data and instructions  flow 
d. All of the above.

35. What is the meaning of gutter margin in MS-Word 
a. Margin that add left margin at the time of printing
b. Margin that add blinging  margin at the time of printing
c. Margin that add right margin at the time of printing
d. Margin that add outside margin at the time of printing

36.Which of the following is very fast, very costly computer
a. Super Computer
b. Personal Computer
c. Laptop
d. Notebook

37. When MS word loaded, the document appears on the opening screen named
a. Document1
b. Document
c. Doc1
d. None of these.

38. Ms-word provide some method ,by using these method you can scroll a document
a. Scroll
b .Goto any particular page
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these.

39. What is the shortcut key of right alingment in  Ms-word-
a. Ctrl+E
b. Ctrl+L
c. Ctrl+R
d. None of these.

40. How many scroll bars appear in the text area if your document is more than 200
a. 4
b. 2
c. 1
d. 3

41. Which tab is used to insert chart in MS word-
a. View
b. References
c. Insert
d. Page layout

42. Which tab is used to change page margin in ms word-
a. Page layout
b. View
c. Insert
d. Home

43. Which  Tab shows Different types of  font that are available for used
a. View
b. Page layout
c. References
d. Home

44. Which  page view  is used to see document at the time of printing
a. Outline view
b. Draft view
c. Read mode
d. Print layout

45. Which of the following features is not available in Ms-word 2013 –
a. Ribbon
b. Button
c. Chart
d. Drop down menu

46. The small toolbar at the top that shows the Save Disk option is
a. My document
b. Quick access
c. Title bar
d. None of these.

47. Which is not Insert ribbon command
a. Shape
b. Clip art
c. Page number
d. None of these.

48. Which of the following method is not used to enter data in the cell
a. Press the arrow key
b. Press the tab key
c. Press the Esc key
d. Click on formula bar

49. What is the extension of Excel file  ___
a. .TMT
b. .XXL
c. .xlsx
d. None of these.

50. Which area give permission to enter value and formula in Excel window 
a. Home tab
b. Format tab
c. Formula bar
d. Design tab

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