output and input devices examples

Input and Output devices

In this post you will learn about input and output devices of computer.You will also learn output and input devices examples also.

Input Devices

Input Devices are those devices which are used to enter the data or instructions in a computer. Description of Input Devices are as per given below.

1. Keyboard-Keyboard is used to enter text and give the instruction to the computer. Keyboard is an important and the most commonly used medium to input data. A normal keyboard is used in a normal computer.The keys in the top line of the keyboard are called function keys. They are marked F1, F2…… F12. Apart from these, control keys are used for operating the computer operations. These keys are Enter Key, Shift Key, Caps Lock, Control Key, Alt Key .These include Arrow Keys, Page Up/Page Down, Home/End etc. A part from these, there are numeric keys in the right side. These are used to type number. There are lots of variations in the design of keyboard.

output and input devices examples2.Mouse –Mouse is a cursor controlling and pointing device, which means through mouse control can be performed on the computer screen and can be pointed at a particular place. Mouse is a small box in the shape of palm. Mouse is mostly used for graphical works. Text editing is also done through this and changes can be made in documents easily by clicking from one place to another.

output and input devices examples

3. Light Pen- Light pen is a pointing device, which is used for giving instructions through select menu option and making graphics in drawing software. It is used on light-sensitive screen. As the tip of the pen touches the screen, its light sensitive element identifies the area and sends the instructions to the computer accordingly.

4. Joystick- Joystick is an input device that is attached to the computer to control the actions of videogames on computer screen. It consists of a stick that moves in all directions. Most of thejoystick consist two buttons called triggers.

output and input devices examples

5. Scanner Scanner is known as optical scanner. It is used for storing data in the form of image.

6. OCR- This is mainly used in departmental stores to read tags by translating optical impulses printed as bar codes. The full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition.

7. OMR – OMR device is mainly used for checking of multiple choices. It records presence and absence marked by pencil, OMR Sheet is its example. The full form of OMR is Optical Mark Reader.

8. Bar Code ReaderIt is used for reading already printed bar code. Bar code is a previously prepared format o lines. Bar Code Reader reads the number of these lines and space between them to check the validity and non-validity of the object and enters the price of object in the computer system Bar Code Reader is used in big shops and super markets etc. to input the quality and price the objects.

Output Devices

Output Devices are those devices which is used to display or print the information. Visual Display Unit (Monitor) and Printer is the primary output devices in a computer system. Description of output devices are as per given below.

1.  VDU (Visual Display Unit) – Monitor Visual Display Unit is the main output device of a computer. A monitor joined with a computer is called Visual Display Unit. Monitor is joined to a computer with a cable. Data entered by keyboard or with the help of mouse is displayed on the monitor screen by Visual Display Unit.

2.Printers- This is a most convenient output device that is used to print results of any data, report, documents, graph, diagram, picture etc. on paper. The printed result is known as hard copy.

Types of Printer- Printers can be categorized as Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel, Inkjet, laser, line and thermal printer etc.

  • Dot Matrix Printer- Dot matrix printer prints every character in the form of dot. For this reason, it is called dot matrix printer. The pins come out form head in the shape of character and the character is printed in the form of dots. These printers work in two directions. Dot matrix printer is impact printer because hammer technique is used in this printer. This printer works like a typewriter.

output and input devices examples

  •  Inkjet Printer- Inkjet printer is a character printer and non-impact printer. It has a jet in the head and small holes beneath it. Jet has ink filled in it. It prints a character on the paper by spraying in the form of drop of ink. They do not make noise while printing because hammer technology is not used in these printers.

  •  Drum Printer-In a drum printer, the head is in the form of a round drum, in which previously defined characters are printed. The round drum keeps on rotating at us definite place. While printing a letter it comes out and strikes with the ribbon and the ribbon strikes the paper. In this, one line printed at a time. Usually, this printer is used for printing the bill in STD machine, POS machine and other billing machine.

    3.Plotter- Ink pen or inkjet is used in plotter for printing. Inkpen or inkjet may have more than one color. Pen or ink is driven with the help of a motor. Pen moves in X or Y direction. Plotter is used for good quality printing.

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