o level m1 r5 viva questions

o level m1 r5 viva questions

If You are searching about o level viva questions then you are on right place. Here you will learn Top 50 o level m1 r5 viva questions with answers.

M1-R5 Top 50 VIVA Questions With Answers

  1. Printer Resolution is usually measured in DPI (Dot Per Inch)
  2. Write two Examples of Impact Printer  Dot Matrix,Daisy Wheel,Drum,Chain printer
  3. Write two Examples of Non Impact Printer Laser Printer,Inkjet printer,Thermal
  4. 1 GB=1024MB
  5. EPROM stands for Erasable programmable read only memory
  6. EEPROM stands for Electrically and Erasable programmable read only memory
  7. CD ROM stands for Compact Disk ROM
  8. DVD is which type of storage device Secondary
  9. RAM is Volatile or Non Volatile? Volatile
  10. Computer erros are called Bugs
  11. 1 Nibble= 4 Bit
  12. F1,F2,F3,….F12 are called Function Key
  13. Caps,Num,Scroll is called Toggle Key
  14. MICR stands forMagnetic Ink Character Reader
  15. What are the combination key Ctrl, Alt,Shift
  16. Write the examples of line printer Drum and Chain
  17. Examples of OS windows, Linux, Unix,U Bundu
  18. Shortcut key to delete file permanentlyShift+Del
  19. Can we save file on Romote in Libreoffice?Yes
  20. Can we save file in Google Drive in writer Yes
  21. Digital signature option present in which menu in writer  File Menu
  22. Default font name of writer Liberation Serif
  23. Default font size in writer 12
  24. Minimum and maximum font size in writer 6 and 96
  25. In which option we can exchange database in writer Edit Menu
  26. In which menu track change option present in writer?Edit Menu
  27. In which menu Bookmark and header footer option present in writer? Insert Menu
  28. In which menu watermark option present in writerFormat Menu
  29. Shortcut key of Heading 1 ctrl+1
  30. In which menu bullet,number list and other option present in writerStyle menu
  31. Shortcut key to close libreoffice writerctrl+W
  32. Shortcut key to close libreoffice CTRL+Q
  33. Shortcut key Automatic Spell check Shift+F7
  34. How many menu present in libreoffice writer11
  35. Shortcut key of libreoffice helpF1
  36. How many rows and column present in the Calc ?Cols-1024 and Rows-1048576
  37. What is the last column name in libreoffice calc? AMJ
  38. Shortcut key of Save as in libreoffice CalcCTRL+SHIFT+S
  39. Shortcut key of Comment in Libreoffice CalcCTRL+ALT+C
  40. In which menu Pivot table option present in calc?INSERT AND DATA MENU
  41. Which option is used to apply data validation in calc and in which menu present it?PRESENT IN DATA MENU ,VALIDITY
  42. What is the shortcut key of select all in calc? CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE
  43. Which shortcut key is used to start a slide show from current slide SHIFT+F5
  44. In which topology HUB is usedSTAR TOPOLOGY
  45. DigiLocker stands forDIGITAL LOCKER
  49. In Excel “IFERROR” is a what type of function LOGICAL FUNCTION
  50. Full Form of TCP/IP _Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

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