client-side scripting language and server-side scripting

Introduction to Scripting Languages

All scripting languages are programming languages. The scripting language is basically a language where instructions are written for a run time environment. They do not require the compilation step and are rather interpreted. It brings new functions to applications and glue complex system together. A scripting language is a programming language designed for integrating and communicating with other programming languages.Here we will learn client-side scripting language and server-side scripting in details.

Advantages of scripting languages:

  • Easy learning: The user can learn to code in scripting languages quickly, not much knowledge of web technology is required.
  • Fast editing: It is highly efficient with the limited number of data structures and variables to use.
  • Interactivity: It helps in adding visualization interfaces and combinations in web Modern web pages demand the use of scripting languages. To create enhanced web pages, fascinated visual description which includes background and foreground colors and so on.
  • Functionality: There are different libraries which are part of different scripting languages. They help in creating new applications in web browsers and are different from normal programming languages.

There are two types of scripting language

Client-side scripting is performed to generate a code that can run on the client end (browser) without needing the server side processing. Basically, these types of scripts are placed inside an HTML document. The client-side scripting can be used to examine the user’s form for the errors before submitting it and for changing the content according to the user input. As I mentioned before, the web requires three elements for its functioning which are, client, database and server.

Server-side scripting is a technique of programming for producing the code which can run software on the server side, in simple words any scripting or programming that can run on the web server is known as server-side scripting. The operations like customization of a website, dynamic change in the website content, response generation to the user’s queries, accessing the database, and so on are performed at the server end.






Basic Works in the back end which could not be visible at the client end. Works at the front end and script are visible among the users.
Processing Requires server interaction. Does not need interaction with the server.
Languages involved PHP,, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, Python, etcetera. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
Affect Could effectively customize the web pages and provide dynamic websites. Can reduce the load to the server.
Security Relatively secure. Insecure

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